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Valve Steam Deck Review: Rated E for Everyone

I’ve been playing my favorite titles on Valve’s Steam Deck for several months now. While I can’t say it’s free of flaws, it is undoubtedly the most exciting piece of gaming tech I’ve used in the last few years. The Steam Deck lets you play what you want, with natural controls, wherever you are.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Review: The Best, but Not Better Enough

Apple releases a new iPhone just about every year, usually in September or October, like clockwork. This cycle can make it tough to pinpoint when you should upgrade. The iPhone 14 Pro falls prey to this trap, cementing itself as an outstanding phone, but a question mark in the upgrade department.

The LifeSavvy Best of CES 2023 Awards: Yes, You’ll Actually Use These

For many, the new year season means a new beginning, some new goals, and a few new habits. But for us, it also means new, innovative products courtesy of the previews at CES 2023. We’ve got some favorites from the event.

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