Written Pieces

The E class of Lenovo’s ThinkPad series is designed for enterprise, and that’s exactly what the ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 means: business. Premium hardware, user-friendly features, and a hefty price tag mixed with a few disappointing design choices make for a capable work machine best bought on sale.

April 19, 2022

Apple’s affordable third-generation iPhone SE packs a serious A15 Bionic performance punch into its small and familiar frame—but a less-than-best display, single satisfactory camera, and a few dated design choices downgrade this iPhone from a “must-grab” to a horsepower bump for a select group.

April 7, 2022

So, you’re thinking about studying Computer Science (CS), or you just graduated. You may like the idea of working from anywhere in the world with just your brain and your keyboard. Perhaps you’re looking to create the next big app that everyone’s using. Whatever your reasons, getting paid is important.

October 1st, 2021

Edited Pieces

Ergonomic keyboards can have a rather clinical appearance that reeks of mundane office life. The Keychron Q8 compact mechanical keyboard goes beyond the limited functionality of standard boards with advanced features, satisfyingly responsive keystrokes, and user-friendly open-source software.

August 17th, 2022

In a world full of Google Nest Hubs and Amazon Echo smart displays that are built for utility over aesthetics, the Tidbyt stands out with its wood frame and retro-looking LED display. Although it’s more of a conversation piece, there are countless apps to customize what the device shows.

July 12th, 2022

Know what your company needs to do and how to get it done with Scrum Poker.

July 16th, 2021

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